How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes-Hardcover

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영역: 창작동화 연령: 4 - 8세 구성: 28 pages, Hardcover, English 배송: 단행본 두권이상 미국내 무료배송 출판사: Mixed Messages

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A sweet holiday story about the power of friendship.

It's Christmas Eve (of course) & our hero, Cane, is having a crises. What exactly is his role in the event that is Christmas? Luckily, with the accidental help of his good bud Snoey he stumbles upon what's the most important gift of all during the holidays: friendship. This sweet, non-religious labor of love hits on issues of self-worth during the holidays that both adults & children can enjoy

"How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes"는 크리스마스와 우정에 관한 멋진이야기이다.

캔디캔(candy cane)은 스페셜한 크리스마스를 만들기 위해 고군분투하게 되는데...

캔디캔(candy cane)의 베스트프렌드 스노위(snoey-스노우맨)는 캔이 멋진 지팡이가 될 수 있도록 함께 격려하고 도와준다.

크리스마스가 끝나기 전에 캔은 스페셜한 무언가를 찾을 수 있을까?

사랑하는 사람들과 달콤한 이야기를 함께하세요.

Scott Casperson


Scott Casperson is an Air Force brat who was lucky enough to get to explore new & far away places. He was able to settle down long enough to graduate from the University of Florida. He put his degree in advertising to good use for a number of years in a few different cities before trying his hand at other things including hospitality, children’s education & comedy (sometimes all three at once!). Now, he’s taking that creativity & channeling it into the perfect medium for him, children’s books. How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes is his first printed work. He’s honored to have you join him on this adventure & thanks you immensely for your interest & support. Thank you.


Scott은 미국의 글작가이고 그는 광고와 엔터테이먼트, 그리고 학생들의 교육을 가르치고 있다.

"How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes"는 그의 첫번째 동화책이다.  

Asasa는 한국의 일러스트레이터로 여러 전시와 일러스트, 동화책 작업을하였고 "How The Candy Cane Got Its Stripes"는 그녀의 첫번째 미국 동화책이다.

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출판사 Mixed Messages
배송정보 단행본 두권이상 미국내 무료배송
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